How to order

Ordering from Australia
or New Zealand

All the Problem Pictures materials are available from The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT).

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Email address:

Ordering from the UK
& the rest of the world

The calendars and Problem Pictures CD-ROMs may be ordered directly from Badsey Publications.

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Single user copies of CD-ROMs

A teacher who purchases a single user copy of a CD-ROM may reproduce material from the disc for use in his or her classroom. At any time, the disc must not be running on more than one computer. If you want to run it on several computers at the same time, or place it on a school network, your school or college must purchase a site licence.

Site licences for CD-ROMS

Schools and colleges who purchase a site licence are permitted to make copies on paper or electronic media, including copying files on to a server, on condition that the materials cannot be accessed from outside the institution. Copying on to a public website is not permitted.

If you have already purchased a single user copy, you can upgrade to a site licence by paying the difference in the cost.